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Tags Hilary Clinton

Tag: Hilary Clinton

Donald Trump and the world: Five challenges

Simon Reich, Rutgers University Newark The election is finally over. It has resulted in the most stunning political upset in the modern era. But that...

The Most Un-Presidential Presidential Debate

“He did it too,” is a defense worthy of a five-year-old in trouble at school, not a Presidential candidate.

Clinton Gives Free Press to Alt-Right

Fueling the on-liners to retaliate with names like-calling like "Grandma," they encouraged the mainstream exposure.

A Bernie Sanders Delegate Tells a Very Different Story About the...

Sanders delegates from all over the country start sharing stories of being assaulted by both Clinton delegates as well as by the yellow vested volunteers who are actually Clinton campaign thugs with a mandate to provoke Sanders delegates so they can ultimately be removed from the arena.

How to transform workers’ campaign rage into better jobs and wages

Thomas Kochan, MIT Sloan School of Management The presidential campaigns deserve some credit for finally voicing some of the deep frustrations and anger felt by...

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WHO suicide report shows we must stop seeing depression as a...

By Barbara Sahakian, University of Cambridge and Muzaffer Kaser, University of Cambridge Depression is a major, if not the major, cause of suicide. Every year,...