Bellamier Beauty Bar is named Best Hair Salon in Port Charlotte

Bellamier named Best Hair Salon in Port Charlotte
Bellamier named Best Hair Salon in Port Charlotte

Bellamier Beauty Bar is named Best Hair Salon in Port Charlotte

Vicmary's sister Anais

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL – Many of our readers write in asking about the best hair salon in town. At least in Port Charlotte, Florida, there is one outstanding hair salon that wins the top prize of Best Hair Salon.

Bellamier Beauty Bar

“They do everything here. They know how to do your hair and are very friendly” said Alina, a frequent patron of Bellamier who walked out with a beautiful new look.

“It’s what everyone wants. We want to come in and get the best service with a friendly and personable stylist. In my experience, Bellamier achieves this 100% of the time,” said another happy patron.

Bellamier Beauty Bar’s founder, Vicmary, started Bellamier as an inspired decision to find herself in a career she enjoyed and putting food on the table for her family. Originally studying to become a pharmacist, Vicmary decided to switch gears after a few personal life changing situations. Her patrons certainly applaud and appreciates her choice and hopes she and her staff continue to provide beauty services well into the future.

Walking into Bellamier gives not only the feel of a high quality salon fast at work to bring one’s every beauty need to the table, but also one of elegance and grace. Between enjoying the huge mirrors, polished floors, and beautifully made, ornate furniture, one cannot be sure if they’ve entered Her Majesty the Queen’s court, a decked out night club readied up for a night of great fun, a high priced art gallery, or a top of the line salon. Fortunately for us, we knew it was a salon and didn’t lose our minds. However, we still asked if the space was available to rent for special occasions. Vicmary responded, “We do get that question a lot. People want to rent our space once they see it. We just want to keep this space for Bellamier services. If we rented it out we would have to deal with readying it again and that could take more work than it’s worth.”

Bellamier has its long list of return customers, but two of the happiest are Vicmary’s daughter and her sister, Anais.

Vicmary’s daughterVicmary's sister AnaisVicmary’s sister Anais

Bellamier’s main services are Balayage, Foilayage, Color Correction, Hair Extensions, Lash Extensions, and Permanent Makeup. They also offer treatments such as Olaplex, Keratin, Glaze, and Hydration.

Most of their clients come in with box-color in their hair and come out after one special treatment or a series of services that leave them feeling new, refreshed, and looking incredible. What more could someone want?

We had a lot to say about Bellamier but as they say, one picture is a thousand words. Please take a look at some of these incredible results and be glad you know where to go if you want to find the Best Hair Salon in Port Charlotte.

Bellamier named Best Hair Salon in Port Charlotte