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Tags American exceptionalism

Tag: American exceptionalism

Why Russia thinks it’s exceptional

Gregory Carleton, Tufts University Destiny calls upon Russia once more to face the West – or so Russians might believe. America is not alone in projecting...

The rise of anti-immigrant attitudes, violence and nationalism in Costa Rica

Caitlin Fouratt, California State University, Long Beach Costa Rica is often thought of as the “Switzerland of the Americas.” With a stable...

The most American pop culture phenomenon of them all

Katherine Meizel, Bowling Green State University “American Idol” was “born” exactly nine months after 9/11. The timing was significant, because since its premiere on June...

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When cringeworthy gifts are worse than inconsiderate

Deborah Y. Cohn, New York Institute of Technology Ever wondered why your mom bought you that inexplicable thing? You’re not alone. I have spent years doing...