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Tag: The Rolling Stones

How Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts infused one of the greatest...

Victor Coelho, Boston University In an era when rock drummers were larger-than-life showmen with big kits and egos to...

The soundtrack of the Sixties demanded respect, justice and equality

Michael V. Drake, The Ohio State University When Sly and the Family Stone released “Everyday People” at the end of 1968, it was a rallying...

In the turmoil of 1968, music failed to seize the moment

Alan Williams, University of Massachusetts Lowell While the first half of 1968 was a series of explosive moments – the Tet Offensive, Paris protests, the...

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Singles Market: Cage The Elephant’s ‘Trouble’

You show me a band who writes an original chord progression for a radio hit, and I’ll post a video on Youtube of me taking a shit on top of a record executive’s Prius.