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World’s deadliest inventor: Mikhail Kalashnikov and his AK-47

Richard Gunderman, Indiana University What is the deadliest weapon of the 20th century? Perhaps you think first of the atomic bomb, estimated to have killed as...

Jimmy Carter’s lasting Cold War legacy

Robert C. Donnelly, Gonzaga University Jimmy Carter was a dark horse Democratic presidential candidate with little national recognition when he beat Republican incumbent Gerald Ford...

Identicide: How demographic shifts can rip a country apart

Monica Duffy Toft, Tufts University What happens to a country when its core national identity – its preferred image of itself in terms of race...

Russian interventions in other people’s elections: A brief history

Eric Lohr, American University U.S. Special counsel Robert Mueller on Feb. 16 indicted Russian individuals and entities for interference in the U.S. presidential election. This is...

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