New treatment to cure cancer showing groundbreaking results in a study at Harvard Medical School
New treatment to cure cancer showing groundbreaking results in a study at Harvard Medical School

BOSTON, MA – Yesterday, traders saw share prices of a relatively new and little known company (NASDAQ:RNAZ) move up with news that Transcode Therapeutics Inc had successfully demonstrated new preclinical study results conducted at Harvard Medical School that provides successful delivery of targeted cancer treatment to certain types of cancer.

The company is young and only went public in July with a most recent quarterly report of a staggering diluted earnings per share climb of 1800% and a nearly 23-fold increase in revenue. An article in Yahoo Finance stated “The results demonstrated that TTX-MC138, when injected intravenously, accumulated in metastatic lesions, thus suggesting that the TTX platform delivers its therapeutic candidate as intended.”

The company’s website, details both pre-clinical as well as clinical studies showing the efficacy of their treatment. The website also describes a long list of pipeline treatments to maximize the effectiveness in fighting cancer.

Experts have weighed in, stating it may take some time for the financial markets to understand the significance of these studies and Transcode Therapeutics’ pipeline of future cancer treatments.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the Transcode Therapeutics team boasts executives, partners, and experts with decades of experience in business and oncology treatment from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, Havard Business School, Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, and more. The Founder, President and CEO of the company is Michael Dudley, who began his career as a cancer researcher at Harvard Medical School in 1973.

Deeper research into the company indicates they have pragmatic, scheduled go-to-market plans with a variety of treatment mechanisms and are taking the necessary steps with the FDA to get there. In July they debuted in the markets with a $25 Million dollar IPO and posted a sharp increase in positive earnings per share in their latest quarterly statement.

This is a new company everyone should be watching as humanity continues its understanding and treatment of cancer.