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Tag: Vegetarianism

Leonardo da Vinci saw in animals the ‘image of the world

Arielle Saiber, Bowdoin College About six months ago I stopped eating meat. I was teaching a graduate course at UCLA that investigated how Italian Renaissance...

Americans spend $70 billion on pets, and that money could do...

Sandra Woien, Arizona State University Sylar, the border collie, has his own mansion along with a trampoline and indoor pool. The dog’s adorable features, along...

Why it’s impossible to actually be a vegetarian

Andrew Smith, Drexel University In case you’ve forgotten the section on the food web from high school biology, here’s a quick refresher. Plants make up the...

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Don’t Run (and Don’t Laugh): The Little-Known History of Racewalking

“Besides, when you do it properly it doesn’t look weird! It looks athletic. I think it looks a lot less weird than a swimmer doing the breast stroke.”