Matt Fields- Choices


Almost all of my adult professional life has been spent on a baseball field. Transitioning from playing to being home when the season is still going on has left me with some strong feelings and decisions to make.

For instance, this week I went to a Mariners’ game. This was my first game in a long, long time where I sat in the stands, surrounded by family and friends, instead of on the field in cleats. I saw people I played with and against. I felt like I should be out there with them.

My competitive drive hasn’t gone anywhere. The feeling of wanting to be on the field helping a team may never leave me. At the time, I absolutely enjoyed being able to sit back and enjoy time with the fam. I’ve missed so many summers, holidays, celebrations – it’s nice to be back with my loved ones.

Life presents us with many choices. Rarely are they easy ones. We have to make our decision and stick with it, knowing that there are going to be ups and downs, good feelings and bad. In this case, I am exploring the new opportunities that this choice is going to open up for me.