How to be more eco-friendly in the home


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Over recent years, it’s safe to say that people have become a lot more aware of environmental issues, and more and more people find themselves interested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle. While making the effort to recycle as much as possible or using reusable water bottles is a good start, there are some other things you can do to take eco-friendly living even further. Since it’s a place we spend so much of our time, here are some great ideas on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle in the home.


Control any leaks

Leaking taps are one of the main contributors of water waste. In fact, a faulty tap that drips once every second is said to waste a whole gallon of water every four and a half hours. To avoid this, you need to check all your taps are working correctly, fixing any loose fixtures. Once you’ve done this, make sure to always turn your tap off tightly when not in use, and get into the habit of turning your tap off more frequently.


Get smart lighting

Ever turn your lights on and then leave the room? Or worse, do you ever leave the lights on when you’re not even home? Smart lighting is a good solution to these issues, allowing you to connect your lights to your smartphone or devices and control them more easily. This means that if you forget to turn off your lights when you leave the house, you can do so while out and about. Some smart lighting also uses sensors to turn on and off when you enter or leave a room. The popularity of smart lighting is reflected by property companies like RW Invest, who are using this lighting in their buy to let properties for a greener way of living.


Cook with less meat

The meat industry is wreaking havoc on the environment, releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere and causing the destruction of seventy per cent of the Amazon rainforest. While completely cutting out meat altogether can be difficult, dedicating a few nights a week to cooking vegetarian or vegan meals can help you make more green eating choices and reduce your carbon footprint. There are lots of delicious meat-free recipes out there to choose from, with a dish that everyone is sure to enjoy.


Ditch the chemicals

That multi-purpose spray and washing up liquid may be a staple of your kitchen, but have you ever stopped to think about the chemicals that lie within their ingredients? Modern household products like these are full of harmful chemicals that are bad not only for the environment but our health too. Throw out any of your usual products and switch these for cleaning and household products from more forward-thinking brands like Method or Ecover. For a cheaper alternative, you can also make your own cleaning products using everyday ingredients straight from your kitchen cupboards. Some of the most common ingredients include lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking soda.

This is a sponsored article