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Tag: Amazonia

The Amazon is burning: 4 essential reads on Brazil’s vanishing rainforest

Catesby Holmes, The Conversation Nearly 40,000 fires are incinerating Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, the latest outbreak in an overactive fire season that has charred 1,330 square...

Amazon deforestation, already rising, may spike under Bolsonaro

Robert T. Walker, University of Florida Over the past 25 years that I have been conducting environmental research in the Amazon, I have witnessed the...

Bird DNA helps explain Amazonian rivers’ role in evolution

Luciano Nicolas Naka, Harvard University When the young naturalist Alfred R. Wallace left England to explore the New World in 1848, one of his key...

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Why did women vote for Hitler? Long-forgotten essays hold some answers

Sarah R. Warren, Florida State University; Daniel Maier-Katkin, Florida State University, and Nathan Stoltzfus, Florida State University The rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party...