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Tags Epigenetics

Tag: Epigenetics

In fish, parents’ stressful experiences influence offspring behavior via epigenetic changes

Jennifer Hellmann, University of Dayton The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work.

Stop calling it a choice: Biological factors drive homosexuality

Bill Sullivan, Indiana University Across cultures, 2% to 10% of people report having same-sex relations. In the U.S., 1% to 2.2% of women and men,...

Sure, cancer mutates, but it has other ways to resist treatment

Fabian V. Filipp, University of California, Merced Because of advances in drug design and precision medicine, researchers have been able to target certain molecules within...

Can the study of epigenomics lead to personalized cancer treatment?

Fabian V. Filipp, University of California, Merced Molecular insight into our own DNA is now possible, a field called personal genomics. Such approaches...

Mom’s prenatal hardship turns baby’s genes on and off

By Suzanne King, McGill University In January 1998 five days of freezing rain collapsed the electrical grid of the Canadian province of Québec. The storm...

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In Alaska, everyone’s grappling with climate change

Nancy Fresco, University of Alaska Fairbanks Coastal villages are washing into the Bering Sea, trees are sprouting in the tundra and shipping lanes are opening...