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Was the Kim Kardashian Robbery an Inside Job—or Even a PR...

“Why were there no armed guards? Why weren’t the jewels secured in a vault or for that matter offsite in a secure location? How is that in the middle of a $10 million-plus jewelry heist, the Paris police allow the victim to leave the country just a few short hours after the crime occurred? How is it that Kim was able to free herself from restraints applied by assumed professional thieves?"

Kevin Blatt: Confessions of a Sex Tape Broker

“I became a sex tape broker by promotion of a sex tape starring a girl named…Paris Hilton. Perhaps you have heard of her?”

No, Kim Kardashian’s pregnant selfie is not a work of art

No, Kim Kardashian's pregnant selfie is not a work of art Victoria Anderson, Cardiff University Kim Kardashian has made headlines again for a selfie. And this...

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