Kevin Blatt: Confessions of a Sex Tape Broker



Kevin Blatt, a.k.a “KB” or “KBizzle”

AGE: 47


“I am able to provide a service that not even the FBI can fully do these days due to the connections I have with nefarious on line black hat hackers.” —Kevin Blatt

Before Kevin Blatt, a.k.a “KBizzle,” became one of the most infamous sex tape brokers in the world, he had a myriad of jobs: strip club DJ, cellular phone salesman, and selling pictures door-to-door.

His first job in the sex industry was working for a webmaster resource website called YNOT. It was an online meeting spot for people who owned and operated adult websites. Back then it was hard to find other people who were in need of buying adult content, hosting, or credit card processing, and YNOT was a gateway of sorts. The guy he worked for was not even 19-years-old and was making close to $200K a month. KBizzle took notice.

The story of how Blatt went from YNOT to becoming a world-renowned sex tape broker, is, well, by accident.

“I became a sex tape broker by promotion of a sex tape starring a girl named…Paris Hilton. Perhaps you have heard of her?”

Can you talk about how a sex tape deal works?

These days deals work completely different than they did back in the day. Back then you needed to be savvy on the various laws that were in place for ownership of such a tape, and today it still does. But the difference in today’s world is that so many aspiring actors and actresses are trying desperately to become stars themselves by trying to leak their own videos.

How do you usually get involved?

I’m usually contacted by a third party looking to do a deal with the tape they are in possession of. It’s my job to do my due diligence by ascertaining facts about the rights, etc. I have to see whether the person selling is a copyright owner. Are they in the tape themselves? Or do they own the camera or phone it’s on? Does the celebrity want it out? Do they know about it? How did they get the tape or video? Was it stolen? That’s how I connect the dots and see whether I’m interested in trying to find the right home for the tape or if there is some interest from the celebrity to get it off the market.

How do you and the parties involved decide on what a sex tape is worth?

The way that the value is calculated these days with celebrity sex tapes is looking at the reach that the celebrity has—it is called “Influencer Marketing.” Influencers, these days, are people who you may have never heard of, that have lots of followers on their various social media sites, etc. Back then it was whether or not they were famous or had a famous name.

Is it true you worked on brokering the Kim Kardashian sex tape deal?

A friend of mine worked for AVN magazine—the trade magazine/website for the adult business had became friendly with Ray J, and one day I got a call to go meet up with both of them for dinner. We met for over two hours and spoke about what the tape contained. Ray initially told me the tape was shot while the two were tripping on “Molly” or Ecstasy. I asked him whether Kim would be a willing participant, and his answer was, “Hell, yea!”

He went on to say that both her and Paris Hilton were hanging out together one night talking about Paris’ tape and how much money she was making off hers with Red Light District Video. Paris was coaxing Kim into doing it, saying she should “leak” some footage online for free! I said to Ray J: “Don’t you dare!” There was so much money to be had back then with porn DVD’s because people actually paid for porn!

I told them I could take them to the guy who did Paris’ tape. I also knew the owner of Vivid Video, Steven Hirsch. I asked Ray J: “Is there a money shot on tape?” He told me not only was there a money shot, she was also in the bathtub enjoying a “Golden Shower.” However, as it would later turn out, Ray J kinda screwed me. He went to Joe Francis, the former owner of Girls Gone Wild, who is a very close friend of the Kardashian family—and Steven Hirsch.

What are the important talents/skills to have in being a good sex tape broker?

To be a good sex tape broker you have to know the market. Who the celebrities are, and what makes them famous. Also, testing the climate for such a tape and figuring out the legalities. It also doesn’t hurt to be friends with every person in town that can send referrals either. Door guys at hotels, valets, lawyers, people who work at entertainment magazines and blogs. However, the biggest asset or skill in being a great sex tape broker is to be able to keep your mouth shut. For many years, I was known as a guy with a big mouth or a name dropper, but that all goes away when you do what I do for a living.

How many deals have you worked on?

I have done close to 70 deals. My favorites are always the ones that make me a lot of money! Or where I get to meet great people who I end up helping out. The most complex are the deals where you deal with people whom you have no idea who they are or where they are located. This has happened before in the case of Verne Troyer (Mini Me) and Cameron Diaz; they were pretty much being extorted for large sums of money. They would bounce their IP address (locations online) to cloak themselves. It’s a daunting task to try to nail down people in other countries but that is exactly what I did.

I do this now all the time for a lot of people. I am able to provide a service that not even the FBI can fully do these days due to the connections I have with nefarious online black hat hackers.

How many deals have you squashed?

Roughly 30. This usually consists of me either buying the rights and burying them or buying the rights and giving them back to the celebs involved. It’s also how I get a lot of invitations to killer parties in Hollywood.

What is the difference, usually, between a deal that gets done and one that gets squashed?

The difference is that you will read about the ones that are not squashed, and in many cases this can affect the celebrity’s careers. They can lose a myriad of endorsements just with the story being reported of such a tape being online or being shopped for sale.

Any run-ins with Charlie Sheen?

The only thing I can say about Charlie is that he had one hell of a run. I had the pleasure of dealing with a few of the girls who partied with him that wanted to sell him out for money. None of these people had sex tapes. They just had crazy party stories about him being a nut. When I say pleasure, I say that very sarcastically as these girls were pretty much the dumbest clients I ever took on. It was fun going flying to Good Morning America with them and doing the Howard Stern Charlie Sheen Beauty Pageant was a riot!

” I have worn the hat of [a fixer] several times, and while a lot of my Hollywood friends get off by calling me Ray Donovan I am still a pacifist, and an aging Jew boy from Cleveland.” —Kevin Blatt

On average, how many celebrities have some sort of sex tape that could be released?

Not many celebrities have a tape that can be released these days. For one, the line has become blurred. For instance, who is a celebrity these days in the world of TMZ and social media? It used to be you had to have a talent or skill—even good looks to become famous. These days in the world of all things Kardashian, people are now famous for being famous. I guess being talented or beautiful is now underrated.

Could you also be called a sort of “fixer” like Ray Donovan?

I have worn that hat several times, and while a lot of my Hollywood friends get off by calling me Ray Donovan, I am still a pacifist, and an aging Jew boy from Cleveland.

Do you usually get a flat fee?

I get paid a retainer. For legal services, such as being an “expert witness” I get paid $10,000 as a retainer and $350/hr.

How can Leo not have a sex tape?! Or Nicholson?

Leo and Jack don’t need the money to put a tape out. Second, they are insulated by great management and friends that they keep around them. It also doesn’t hurt to have people sign NDA’s when entering their homes. These days in Hollywood that is a very common occurrence. Charlie Sheen was the first to implement the NDA signing and the collection of cell phones upon entering his home. I went to a party just last week where I signed an NDA to just enter the party at the A-Lister’s house in Beverly Hills.

Have you ever been asked to broker a deal that for whatever reason you just wouldn’t do it?

Several. One included the then wife of Rupert Murdoch, Wendy Deng. It was not a sex tape per se, but nude-ish photos of her from many years ago. Second, a video of Ted Turner was shopped to me but Ted and Rupert have far too much dough to screw with. Another one that came to mind was a hidden camera video of producer Garry Marshall, who just passed away last month. RIP, Garry. I won’t talk about that one out of respect for his family. Another was of the boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

There is a rumor that there’s a Joe Jonas sex tape out there…

Never saw or heard of it. There was a blog that claimed I made a huge amount of money suppressing it but that was complete bullshit.

Tell us something you have never divulged before about your time as a sex tape broker?

I have never once pleasured myself to any tape that was shopped to me or marketed thereafter! I guess I am just jaded when it comes to these things.

Can you talk about your involvement in the Gawker/Hulk Hogan trial?

I was retained as an expert witness for Gawker to testify about the worth of a Hulk Hogan sex tape. It’s no secret that these tapes don’t sell (male tapes that is). Women just don’t buy sex tapes of men. Also, there are only certain guys that would make gay men and women buy and they don’t need the money!

Finally, can you give us a hint at a sex tape out there that would blow people’s minds that hasn’t seen the light of day?

The King of Late Night TV! Johnny Carson has one that is absolutely insane.