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Tag: Missouri

Librarians could be jailed and fined under a proposed censorship law

Nicole Cooke, University of South Carolina A bill pending in Missouri’s legislature takes aim at libraries and librarians who are making “age-inappropriate sexual material” available...

College-educated cops enforce the law more aggressively

Richard Wright, Georgia State University; Richard Rosenfeld, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Thaddeus L. Johnson, Georgia State University In the wake of controversial and widely...

Missouri’s dark money scandal, explained

Ciara C Torres-Spelliscy, Stetson University Eric Greitens has resigned, finally. The former Missouri governor’s sex scandal didn’t force him to step down, but rather...

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Lessons from Africa on how to build resilient bee colonies

Neil Rusch, University of the Witwatersrand Honeybees are under threat globally. These important pollinators are affected by issues of nutrition, habitat loss, pesticides, a changing...