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Halloween & Election Night: Democracy Intertwined?

"Trump masks are outselling Hillary masks 3-1," said Howie Beige, executive vice president of Rubie’s costume shop in NYC, founded in 1951. “I am definitely surprised by the demand. We will be in production until the last few days before Halloween on these items.… At this point, we’re behind demand.”

The Most Famous World Series Home Run and the Man Who...

"...with almost a one-handed swing with only his upper body, [Gibson] blasted one of the most dramatic home runs in the history of baseball."

Was the Kim Kardashian Robbery an Inside Job—or Even a PR...

“Why were there no armed guards? Why weren’t the jewels secured in a vault or for that matter offsite in a secure location? How is that in the middle of a $10 million-plus jewelry heist, the Paris police allow the victim to leave the country just a few short hours after the crime occurred? How is it that Kim was able to free herself from restraints applied by assumed professional thieves?"

The “Rogue Cartoonist” Ben Garrison on What it’s Like to be...

"“Hillary Clinton is the very face of corruption and criminality. It's imperative that she not be rewarded again with the White House for her astonishing amount of egregious misdeeds and criminal acts. She's incompetent. She's an accomplished liar. She's smugly callous. I will con-tinue to expose her all I can.”

Zip App Predicts Vastly Different Election Outcomes to Polls

"Trump supporters are seeking a safe environment to express their opinions in."

Donald Trump: The Underdog, The Rally Roaster, The Superhero

Trump has been on the ropes more times than Rocky Balboa, maybe. But no one could knock him out.

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Jay L Zagorsky, The Ohio State University Crude oil prices have dropped dramatically since last summer. Strangely, over the same time period, gasoline prices have...