Matt Fields- The Journey Continues!


I am excited to announce that I have signed a contract to play baseball with the Somerset Patriots in the Atlantic league.

Sitting at home the past 6 weeks, I had moments of stress and worry. I didn’t know what was coming next. I didn’t know what my next job was going to be. That isn’t to say I was sitting idle – I applied to take my fire fighter’s exam and I was planning on going back to school to get my degree. I’m never the type to just sit around and be passive.

I loved the opportunity to spend time with my wife, my family and my friends. I cherished every moment of beauty, and the simple pleasure of being able to attend celebrations and milestone events. Playing baseball means that you miss out on so many of these chances, and I didn’t take them for granted.

Yet, I still felt something was missing. Deep down, I truly believe that I can continue playing baseball. I know that I can do it, and I’m not ready to call it a career. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to keep putting on the jersey, and I am thankful that I have such a wonderful support system in my life that will allow me to do so. My wife and my family all encouraged me to take the opportunity, and I thank God for putting them in my life.

As always, the journey is never easy. Yet I am privileged to be continuing on it, and I will be strong enough to be open to whatever comes next. Right now, it’s time to go out and win it all for the Patriots.

God Bless