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Halloween & Election Night: Democracy Intertwined?

"Trump masks are outselling Hillary masks 3-1," said Howie Beige, executive vice president of Rubie’s costume shop in NYC, founded in 1951. “I am definitely surprised by the demand. We will be in production until the last few days before Halloween on these items.… At this point, we’re behind demand.”

The Most Un-Presidential Presidential Debate

“He did it too,” is a defense worthy of a five-year-old in trouble at school, not a Presidential candidate.

Zip App Predicts Vastly Different Election Outcomes to Polls

"Trump supporters are seeking a safe environment to express their opinions in."

Clinton Gives Free Press to Alt-Right

Fueling the on-liners to retaliate with names like-calling like "Grandma," they encouraged the mainstream exposure.

Get Better Election Predictions by Combining Diverse Forecasts

Imagine you are among the legions of pundits and political commentators striving to predict the outcome of November’s presidential election.

Donald Trump: The Underdog, The Rally Roaster, The Superhero

Trump has been on the ropes more times than Rocky Balboa, maybe. But no one could knock him out.

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