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Clinton Gives Free Press to Alt-Right

Fueling the on-liners to retaliate with names like-calling like "Grandma," they encouraged the mainstream exposure.

Don’t Run (and Don’t Laugh): The Little-Known History of Racewalking

“Besides, when you do it properly it doesn’t look weird! It looks athletic. I think it looks a lot less weird than a swimmer doing the breast stroke.”

Get Better Election Predictions by Combining Diverse Forecasts

Imagine you are among the legions of pundits and political commentators striving to predict the outcome of November’s presidential election.

Trump’s Wall Plans Buckle Under Pressure

A positive change of heart, perhaps, but who's flip-flopping now?

Singles Market: Cage The Elephant’s ‘Trouble’

You show me a band who writes an original chord progression for a radio hit, and I’ll post a video on Youtube of me taking a shit on top of a record executive’s Prius.

From ‘Sex and The City’ to ‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘Girls,’...

With our TV watching habits quickly becoming immune to large doses of tits and ass per episode, almost exclusively appealing to the male-gaze, a change was a comin’…

Donald Trump: The Underdog, The Rally Roaster, The Superhero

Trump has been on the ropes more times than Rocky Balboa, maybe. But no one could knock him out.

Are We Exploiting Our Children on Facebook?

“Privacy is one of those nebulous rights that doesn’t matter until it matters.”

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Climate change and drought: a spark in igniting Syria’s civil war

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