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I’m a Man and I Want to Talk About Rape

It is more difficult, and more necessary, to be honest and upfront about the ways in which we contribute to maintaining a culture in which sexual violence against women flourishes.

HypnoBirthing is the New Black

Whenever a doctor says, 'I delivered her baby', and I’m thinking, 'no, you didn’t, the woman birthed her own baby. No one can deliver someone elses baby, it’s not possible.'

Singles Market: Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Heathens’

So apparently rock music is dead.

A Glass of Wine with Lead Singer of The Shelters, Josh...

"It’s pretty clear that the biggest rock bands don’t do as well as the biggest country, pop or hip hop groups. There’s definitely a struggle to maintain a good spirit about the state of rock and roll when you see people who you feel are doing less, maybe lugging less equipment or bring a laptop on stage to run tracks, and they’re the ones making all the big money."

Kevin Blatt: Confessions of a Sex Tape Broker

“I became a sex tape broker by promotion of a sex tape starring a girl named…Paris Hilton. Perhaps you have heard of her?”

A Candid Conversation with Green Party Leader & Presidential Candidate Jill...

"Voting the lesser of two evils is a mirage, it’s a propaganda tool. It doesn’t solve the problem because people don’t come back to vote for lesser evil politicians that are throwing them under the bus."

Zip App Predicts Vastly Different Election Outcomes to Polls

"Trump supporters are seeking a safe environment to express their opinions in."

Singles Market: Bishop Briggs’ ‘River’

It’s got a great hook, and Bishop’s vocals are effective, straight, and free from the ‘American Idol’ syndrome, which we all know and hate so much.

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