Best Used Tires in Charlotte County at Goldline Tires

The Facey Brothers at Goldline Tires were awarded the
The Facey Brothers at Goldline Tires were awarded the "2023 Best Used Tire Shop in Charlotte County"

Goldline Tires was awarded the “2023 Best Used Tires Shop” in Charlotte County by Life & News Southwest Florida.

Odane Facey and Omar Facey are the two amazing brothers and owners of Goldline Tires in Charlotte County who operate the best used tires shop in the region.

Starting two years ago, the brothers have served hundreds of happy and satisfied customers.

Goldline Tires was named ”Best Used Tires Shop in Charlotte County” due to their low prices, fast and top notch customer service, and their insatiable attention to detail.

“I love doing this because I like to make people happy. I enjoy doing it and helping people out,” said Odane when asked why he loves the work they do at Goldline Tires. Omar said he loves “the freedom of having their own business, protecting customers, and making sure they are safe on the road.”

A tire like this explodes at any moment, and Goldline Tires can replace your tire with a high quality used tire before this happens to your old tire

Located at 1544 Market Circle, Bldg 11 Unit 5, Port Charlotte, FL 33953, Goldline Tires is tucked away near the main intersection of Tamiami Trail and El Jobean Road. You’ll be glad you took the opportunity to find your way there.

Goldline Tires is not only the best used tire shop in Charlotte County, they also specialize in headlight restoration, fog light restoration, and resealing your headlights. It’s a one stop shop for used car upgrades when it comes to tires and headlights. Goldline Tires was also named Best Used Tires in Port Charlotte, Best Used Tires in Charlotte County, Best Used Tires in North Port, and Best Used Tires in Venice in 2022.

One happy customer had this to say when we visited Goldline. ”Especially after the hurricane, everyone’s been getting flats. Why buy a brand new tire when you could get a used one at a fraction of the price, plus if another nail or screw gets your tire, you won’t be as irked about buying another great used tire from Goldline. These guys are the best! I think the Facey Brothers definitely deserved the Best Used Tires award.”

The moral of the story is, if you’re in Charlotte or Sarasota County, or if you’re in North Port, Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte, or Punta Gorda, and you are in need of a tire replacement, hop on in your car and give Goldline Tires a visit. You will be glad you did.

Get your next used tire at Goldline Tires, named “2023 Best Used Tires Shop in Charlotte County”